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You're In A Johnny-Cab

Today I saw the DVD of Total Recall on sale, and the container in which it came was a round tin with craters that was supposed to be Mars. I don't know why but I found this extremely funny.

Jessica gave me a Valentine with Hermione Granger on it, and it said, "Like Hermione in Charms class... you're the best." It was tight. I love Jessica and how she remembers cool stuff like that. Wingardium Leviosa. Heh heh. And then we sat in my car, (well, laid in my car) and listened to Ja Rule, stuck more stars on the ceiling, and talked about everything going on with the cute boys. Then we used her cell phone to call Cameron, but he wasn't home. *evil Zorak laugh*

Stefan made me a card out of construction paper and markers, and regular paper and it's really sweet, with a letter inside. He also gave me a rose and taped the episode of Johnny Bravo that has Donny Osmond for me. Then we went out to dinner, and I gave him a CD that I made him, his first DVD ever: Bladerunner, and a purple, blue, and black candy that says "Walter" on it. I wrote him this stupid sappy crap poem too, but he said he liked it, and he hung it on his wall.

I say man too much. We never made it to the laundromat because I am having problems with my dress for the Sadie Hawkins tomorrow, and I found out that Jessica and I aren't the only ones going in costume. Melissa Wrigley is going as Tinkerbell (boy am I glad I didn't do that like I was going to), and Katie Morgan is going as Cruella Deville. It's going to be exciting.

But I am kinda scared cos I don't know whether or not I'll be able to get my cap and gown and stuff because I don't know if my mom was able to figure that stuff out.

I got to drive all night, and for some reason, something was just really funny tonight, and I couldn't stop laughing.

For example, I said to Stefan, "Hey watch this!" when I really had no intention of doing anything cool, nor did I have any tricks up my sleeve. What I did do, almost without realising what I was doing, was stick out my tongue and touch it to my nose, and then made a bunch of weird throaty noises.

He looked at me, one eyebrow raised, and said, "...That's... good..."

Then I started laughing, and said, "What's good?" because I had forgotten what I had just done. Then, when I realised what he was talking about, I started laughing really hard again because of how stupid it must have looked and how he didn't know how to respond.

I really think I'm losing it. I'm such a spaz. But at least I make people laugh.

I need to find money for glow sticks. Tomorrow night's dance is going to be such fun... and I need to get lots of pictures cos I'm doing my hair again.

Fuschia, Lime Green, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue. I'm going to be a water fairy.

I just hope it all works out. In this case, fishnet tights are totally appropriate.

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