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I Wanna Be Under The Green Again

Thanks to Rae for making me giggle with her subject line from Lovecats.

Last night I drove to Monterey with Stefan and Aaron and I had my first taste of a Rockstar energy drink. It tasted like Mr. Bubbles, but smelled like cherry Ny-Quil. I fear energy drinks.

I got home at seven am to an angry mother and then I slept a lot. And then I got up and drove to Concord to go to my group that I was forty minutes late to. We have a new girl. She is very beautiful.

After that I went to Mya's and picked her up and then we went to Fresh Choice and stuffed ourselves. Then we drove to Brendan to see if Cameron was working and he wasn't, so we went back to Mya's house and called him on the telephone, and he was sleeping.

Tee hee.

Then I took one of her bow-ties and wore it over to Stefan's house where he looked at me like I was weird and asked me where I got it. Ha ha.

Stefan and I have so many titles that we're like Blockbuster. We're not friends anymore, and we're not together. We're ______. 6 letters, rhymes with covers. Any guesses?

Mya says that what we're doing is fucked up. Apparently he doesn't think so.

Everything is so funny to me. I am going to die laughing. Like, when I die, I will be laughing. My last breath won't be spent breathing, it will be spent laughing. Everything is like a big joke or something.

It figures that my biggest pet peeve is when people don't take me seriously.

I want to be your fireball, firebrand, firecracker.

Love me, please?

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