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My 500th Entry...

I thought I would have something special to say, but like always, I just want to get it over with.

If I had a dollar for every LJ entry, I'd have $500... enough to pay off my parking ticket, enough for Harry Potter bedsheets, enough for a decent prom, enough for a scanner.

But I might have a job soon because my mom has connections... my 8th grade math teacher is hiring people to work at his dad's store... people with common sense. People who don't take out of town checks. And I'm applying at Hollywood, because I can work all sorts of hours, and because I'll be around movies all the time.

I've been listening to the same song by Donovan for the last four entries. Only a few people know what that really means. They know and I don't feel it.

Oh, and most importantly Vero'nica is ok. WOO-HOO!

Ciao, babies.

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