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The Peace In This Joint Is Somewhat Disquieting...

"The man next to you is your brother, and you damn well better treat each other that way, cos if you don't, we blow the whole thing, and we've got it right there."

If I treated members of some elite team the way that I treat my brother I'd blow the operation before it commenced.

Everyone's home from Chico and the house is surprisingly peaceful, and I wonder if maybe that's because I haven't really spoken to them much...

Ok, I spoke too soon, there's some yelling in the kitchen. I swear living here is like living in a dive bar, without the mess. My mother keeps everything immaculate and in doing so, a lot of stuff gets tucked away and lost. There is constant loudness. Pots and pans dropping, people yelling, doors slamming, tromping around on the floors.

Wedge made a link to me in one of her posts and it made me feel loved that someone actually read my nerd theory and could identify with it. She's cool anyway though. Being a rocket scientist and everything.

I need to learn the way to do stuff on this thing. Like post pictures and other cool things like that. Make a website and link it here. I dunno what I'm aiming for by doing so. Perhaps I just think that maybe, in some little way, some person could stumble onto my idiocy and perhaps get a kick out of it. Maybe I could make someone smile. That would make me happy. Making just one person.. one stranger.. smile.

Stay sexy!

Sizzling Bacon.
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