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Still On The Look-Out

I've gone from wanting lots of prom dates to only wanting one who will take me to prom in a yellow zoot suit like in The Mask, complete with feather in cap. So far, no luck. Ah well, I'm getting free chains and those linky mountain climbing things that clip ("Katie, you're sick." says Jessica)... from Ace Hardware and a house-key. I find myself very happy today. I've been tired and depressed for a long while... and things have suddenly become ok. Because when you're so down that you can barely breathe, the only way left to go is up. Chris Kelley gave me the Shampoo CD because he thinks it's "fairy music". Heh.

Mike called me up yesterday and told me that he was going to try and go to skool in LA, and since I'm gonna try and move down there too, he said we should move in together. Isn't that fabulous? After months of not having talked or really even being friends, we've got plans, and we had a friendly conversation. This pleases me.

And then Janette, (read: Travis the terrible ex's mother) calls me up and says she's working for a talent agency and they're doing open calls all week, and she wants me to be a part of it, because I have a "great face". I wonder if she would still think that if she saw me now. I look like Hell. It's ok though... I've got no one to please.

Tonight will be my first official night of house-sitting. The others were pissed away being at home and being sad and alone. I need to do all my packing and I need to stop being a cunt-bitch and neglecting my LJ. I've been trying to read my friends page like crazy but it never loads right. "Timeout rendering page."

I picked up this boy named Peter from skool today and Chris said I was an aggressive driver. That's because the words I was using could halt a truck-driver. I dropped Peter off at his house, and his house is right by Stefan's house. So me, Jessica, and Chris drove up to go to Karen's, and I honked as I passed Stefan's. That was probably not the best idea, since me and him got in a fight last night and I said that I would probably never talk to him again. Anyway, then we see Bobby, so we speed like maniacs to catch up to him, all to no avail, because he turns a corner at this stop sign right before a bunch of cars come and bar us from him.

So we get up to the intersection near Raley's, and I look in my rear-view mirror and I see a strangely familiar car. It's the Acura Integra, and Stefan is driving inside it, looking extremely pissed off.

"Stefan's behind us!" I screech.

"Shut up!" Jessica says, laughing, but then she looks behind us and sees him to and says, "Oh my god!"

"How did he catch up to us?" I say. Mostly to myself, because I'm still in shock.

So then begins this whole high-speed chase, all the way from the Raley's intersection to Karen's house. I turn a corner so fast that my tires screech in protest and I have to grip the wheel so hard that my knuckles are white.

So I say, "Let's see what happens if I pull over," because some idiot part of me thought he'd just pass us and drive away, like we were going too slow. WRONG! He pulls up beside me, and he looks pissed. He's breathing really hard, and I find that I'm smiling really big, like an idiot, because that's what I do when I'm in trouble. Everything just becomes really funny. So he's looking at me, and I'm trying to cover my mouth, because not only am I smiling, but I have the giggles. So I pull ahead of him, thinking idiotically that my car can out-run his. Wrong again. So, on Jessica and Chris' advice, I go really slow and see what happens. He revs hard, passes me at high speed, and then screeches on his brakes, leaving three-foot skid-marks. Chris said it was because he almost hit a car, but I didn't really see anything because I was so scared.

We pull up to Karen's house and park, and by this time I'm laughing hysterically and begging them to help me stop laughing, Jessica's key-phrase is "Oh my god" and Chris is sitting in the backseat going, "What the fuck? Who was that? What's going on?".

Then Stefan pulls up on the other side of the road, and me and Jessica can't face him, Jessica's too scared, and I'm still laughing.

We keep asking Chris what he's doing, what does he look like?.. and Chris says he's just sitting there, watching, and he looks mad. Finally he drives away, and after about two minutes of sitting in the car with bated breath, we decide he's not coming back and that it's safe to go in the house.

When we get in there, Chris said it looked like he was crying when he drove away.

I feel so terrible. Whenever I'm in trouble, or if I get nervous, I laugh... at the worst times. I have THE WORST sense of humour, and I think this time it's really gonna get me in trouble.

I really hope I didn't make him too mad, or feel too bad. Chris said he looked like he hated me. Shit.

I'm crazy. I am a crazy, sick bastard. I just HAD to drive by his house and honk. I just had to engage in a chase. I just had to turn away and not talk to him. This is why my relationships never work. Not because of anyone else, but me. I am PSYCHO. I get myself into these weird situations and then when I decide it's not a good idea, it doesn't matter because the deed has already been done.

I guess you guys can understand why I don't post that often. I'm too busy fucking shit up.

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