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Oh God No - The New Zero

I feel like giving up on skool (yes, it's spelled like that on purpose) and so I will until Thursday this week and then I will bust my ass to at least pass my classes until June 14th when I am free from its torments for a measly month and a half, and it's not even year round.

I cannot WAIT to go to Exeter-- party ovah there, party right there!!

So kids, it's time for me to change my hair colour again. I am sick of pink with blonde roots by now, and I thought about doing it purple with pink streaks again, but all I really want is something low maintenance... "so let it grow out" no thanks. If I wanted ashes for hair I'd have set it on fire by now. Any suggestions? What would you think of me in a sultry Irish red? Right, you'd have to see pictures first. So... that brings me to another question... how the hell do I put pictures in this damn thing? I have one that looks like my life is actually fun. And I want to show everyone the KISS pic I took at Lauren's on New Year's '98. She told me I looked like the KISS people. I was actually trying to look like Thom York.

I want a Tiburon. It's a beautiful car backed by an impressive warranty and I don't care if Hyundais have a reputation for being disposable cars and pieces of shit, I like them. They are beautiful and look like they can do amazing things with their cobalt blue-ness. Please, stop me, if I drool ANYmore I will probably short-circuit the computer.

Don't ask me why but I also like Dodge Avengers. I guess I am going so crazy for cars only because I have a sno-cone's chance in hell of ever acquiring one that I actually like. Maybe I should try working... but how to get there from the ghetto without a car and hostility at all times from my parents? *sigh*

The last job I had was in July at a Harry Potter wand-making table at this bookstore who was totally overdoing the release of the fourth book. Of course, like I've said before, it doesn't take much to get excited about in our small town. We've even been called hicks, and it's funny because I've noticed some people with Southern accents... and the ones who don't talk like they're from the south either sound like they came from England long ago, or like total cheerleaders.

Small towns can also be somewhat amazing. Anyone ever been to Fort Bragg?

I need another wig. The neon yellow one isn't ringing my bell anymore. Damn it all. Well, I'm off to try and learn how to make a web page, because I really want to, and I bet it's gonna look all fucked up. Just like when little kids first learn to tie shoes. I win. I came full circle. But how long will that last?
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