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Katie, Master Of Obscenity

Last night I had dinner with the wonderful Mya and then we went to the Brenden where I gave my phone number to some sixteen year old boy who has a girlfriend while he wasn't looking. Next week when I go in there, I'm going to be like, "Why didn't you call me? Don't you love your mother?"

I can do that because I don't live there. Heh.

Then I went over to Jessica's house and her and Chris were in bed and I wasn't really hungry but I didn't want to sit in the house so I drove to Chevron and got me and Chris some nachos.

While I was making them, the Chevron guy Mark asked me how come Chris and Jessica didn't come with me.

"They didn't wanna leave the house." I say.

"What's up with you and that Chris guy?" he says. "You guys sleeping together or what?"

A few days prior to this shocking question he asked me if Chris was my boyfriend.

"No.. we're just friends.. him and Jessica are going to prom together... I'm just hanging with them."

So then he says where do you live, we should kick it, etc (all the while he's got some fiancee) and I go to pay for my nachos, and he gives them to me free (because I like them so much)! Dope! This was especially shocking because I was just watching the Aerosmith video for "Crazy" and I was like, "I want free stuff from a convenience store!!"

I got my wish. Yay!

Then I went back to Jessica's and ate my nachos and started to read the Hobbit and then I got tired and decided I had to go to bed.

At around 4 am, just as I was starting to doze, the dogs start going crazy and I get all freaked out and think someone is trying to break in, so I page Stefan, he calls me back, makes coffee and gets ready to leave, because he's such a nice guy he comes over to sleep in the room with me, and arrives at around 6 am, 20 minutes before Jessica's alarm for skool goes off.

Chris and Jessica stay asleep in the other room through this whole thing, and then Stefan and I speak of the prom, and go to sleep. He really wants to go now. I think it's because I told him he couldn't, partly, and because he just realised that prom with me will be like prom with no one else, because I'm not afraid to be psycho and go all out.

So the next morning I wake up to Jessica sing-songing something incoherent through-out the house, and as soon as I awake I know right off that I won't be able to go back to sleep because it's hotter than Hades in the room and the heater's been blaring all night.

I put the pillow over my face and mutter, "Suck my fuck!"

Stefan looks at me and says, "Did you say 'suck my fuck'? That sounds like something Rose McGowan would say." So I made him and Jessica a sticker that said that on it and Stefan put it on his car.

Rightly, I am the master of obscenities.

The toilet-paper in my house disappears too fast. When I had my own bathroom, one roll would last me WEEKS!! And now it seems like I'm changing the roll in there like every fucking day. Oh well, four people to a bathroom versus one person to a bathroom will do that.

But my stupid twat-cock brother uses like the whole roll every time he takes a caca and then my dad ends up having to plunge it and it's this big fucking mess and I hate it. My brother is a stupid pig and I yearn for my old house and my own bathroom. Those were the days. I feel you, Rae, sharing bathrooms sucks.

And I have a big gnarly bruise on my thigh because I accidentally rammed it into the corner of this oak table. It hurt almost as much as the time I slammed the car door on my shin, and since I got a bruise (which I never do) through all the fat on my leg.


And I started this diet... I want to be presentable for prom, and I've lost two pounds since yesterday so I am excited. Prom is April 20th and I want to be a size three, I know I can do it! I have to lose 16 lbs. to look how I want and I am determined. No more Fresh Choice binges for a while. I have until April tenth, wish me luck!

So far I'm doing good but I have a will-power problem.

This is what I look like when I wake up.

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