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ET Telefono Mi Casa

I just got back from seeing ET on opening day with Stefan. I got a tube of Reese's pieces and it has ET on top and when you lift up his arm his heart and finger light up like in the movie... and I'm so glad they re-released the movie because now they have all this cool merchandise again and it makes me happy!

They have plush toys and action figures and the people who made the Furby dolls even made an ET doll that you can teach to talk like you. When you buy it, it's already programmed to say certain stuff, but you can teach it more, just like a Furby (only it's better cos ET could whoop a Furby's ass).

The previews for Spiderman and Star Wars Ep. II made me think of Hillarie. She loves May!! May is my birthday! I'll stick around and celebrate it just for her-- because she's so happy about that month. She's lucky too, because we don't graduate until June.

Now Stefan is here and we're about to go do something, what that is, I'm really not sure. Maybe we'll watch ET on video, but probably not.

Christ Hell!! My fingers and lips hurt so bad because I was ripping skin off them in the theatre. That's one of those bad habits I have, like biting my nails. Tomorrow will be the last day of house-sitting and that is like boo-hoo.

Turtle power.

I love it!!

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