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Fun With Trileptal


A sleep-deprived, trileptal addled conversation with Lindsay:

Lindsay: nigra!!!
VasoFever: like a swedisg man
Lindsay: ok, but you really need to come over
VasoFever: i told you ip primsode you body
VasoFever: t seven!
VasoFever: i'm so tired!
Lindsay: ok, bye
VasoFever: ok?
VasoFever: i will see you at seven
Lindsay: YES.
VasoFever: ok
VasoFever: I love you my nigra
Lindsay: goodnight little glo worm
VasoFever: john also matt alex friend!
Lindsay: LOL
VasoFever: dwould you like met o dtyle you la ter when I am drunk?
Lindsay: i have no i dea what you just said
VasoFever: when I am duenk
VasoFever: you want mye to writre you a lerttre
Lindsay: um, ok, but just come over at 7
VasoFever: ok i promsie
Lindsay: k, goodnight my little glo worm
VasoFever: k

And one with Stefan:

VasoFever: do you feel like doing mea favouer?
Stefan: Maybe, what's in it for me?
VasoFever: i don;wy know hwat do you want?
Stefan: are you drunk?
Stefan: I want you...
Stefan: But that's a lot to ask
VasoFever: tod o ehwta?
VasoFever: dwould you like met o dtyle you la ter when I am drunk?
VasoFever: will youdo ame agfvaour
VasoFever: ??
Stefan: Speak English first
VasoFever: i am spekaing iendlighs
VasoFever: i thainbk it is t ime gor you to call me
Stefan: Yeah, ok.
VasoFever: will you ifd you laove me for realu ytou will acll mey house

Ha! That was so much fun! They were both getting so mad at me.

Tonight I went and had dinner at Fresh Choice.. at first I was gonna go by myself but then Mya came online and I decided to ask her to join me, and what fun it was. We started making noises like mentally handicapped deaf people in the middle of the restaurant, and flipping our hair and rolling our eyes, mocking these stupid trendy girls sitting next to us who were talking and giggling excessively loud on their cell phones. Then we went to Brenden and found that Stephen had switched shifts with some girl and was nowhere to be found. Mya was positively at a loose end. Tomorrow will reveal all. They're going out now, you see.

She insists she's devoted, not doting.

I just put in a search for "snorting coke" and it gave me a picture of President Bush as one of the results. *giggle*

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