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8th Grade Socks

So-- off to Stefan's I go. We're probably going to watch Home Movies now that my Adult Swim tape is safely in my room again. (Ok, so my room isn't safe... but as long as it's in my VCR, nothing can happen to it.)

We got back from Monterey last night at like nine-thirty in the morning. He's making me a wooden sign that says, "Beware of the Deaf Children", because Aaron said that somewhere in Monterey there is a street where deaf kids live, and there's a lowered speed limit and signs that say "Beware! Deaf Children".

Some of those signs make me laugh. It seems as though the deaf children will come and jump on your car and try to eat your flesh if you're not careful. I know that's not what they mean, but it makes me laugh anyway.

Like those signs that say "Slow Children". They mean, "Go slow, there are children around here." But I take them to mean, "Look out, there's kids running around here with diminished mental capacity!"

Which reminds me of the Lassie episode of Space Ghost where he was talking to Lassie as if she would answer him. (Is Lassie a boy or girl?)

He says, "What is it girl? Trouble at the farm? Farms have chickens! Corn." And then he flies off and Michael Stipe appears.

I have eight hours of that goodness! And counting. My other tape isn't half as full. And they need to put Adult Swim back on Thursdays again! My tape for Home Movies ran out in the middle of the episode where Walter and Perry were talking about how they thought each other were beautiful when they slept. I love them! Even though they are probably homosexual, I want my kids to act like that... only with their friends though, I'm not trying to breed incest.

And if my kid was gay, I wouldn't be like all of the other asshole parents who blow their tops or get grossed out. Fuck that.

Another picture of the goddess:

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