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You Will Never See Me Cry

The other night when Stefan let me deface him, the fact that he let me do whatever I want drove me a little bit crazy. I wish I knew how to use that cut option so you could click on "read more" cos I'm sure that not everybody wants to know what I did. I want to tell someone. I want an opinion on it. You know how endorphins make you do crazy things? That's how it was... to say or not to say. I don't think so, it's too morbid for you kids.

But, TyPiNg LiKe ThIs iS a No-nO!! Ha! I found that on a site called Straight up though, I don't find that attractive when people type like that. Except Katie, because she's the queen bee (and no, not me Katie).

I wore my yellow wig into Chevron the other day and one of the ladies that works there told me it looked like something Lil' Kim would wear. That was dope. Because I look like Lil' Kim. You need to admit it!

So tonight I have to do all of my independent study work and turn it in tomorrow (go my last Wednesday!) and then I get to go to group, and then dinner and a "movie" with Mya. I just hope Hope isn't working cos she kicked our asses to the curb last Wednesday. But that's ok because it was the start of something beautiful between two people, and neither of them were me.

Some people are pathological liars and this angers me greatly. But there's nothing I can do about it, and I'm glad that one of them moved to Colorado. That's right, MIKE! No one ever believed a word out of your mouth. And you smoked too much weed. And you bragged about smoking weed. Lame.

Oh, and the goon didn't get the Willy Wonka suit. He got a grey suit with coat-tails and a black lapel, and he's wearing a top-hat. Not like Mr. Peanut, more like the Monopoly guy. We haven't found a monocle yet.

When I was reading the Scarlet Letter, it said something about, "Not enough time had passed even for a creeping babe to have found its footing" and I started laughing so hard at the idea of a creeping babe that I wrote it on my binder, and then my mom saw it and said, "What the hell? Creeping babe?"

I thought it was funny. I was picturing a baby with a devilish grin sneaking along in the shadows... like Chucky or something.

Lindsay says that they are un-cancelling Zim and there is supposed to be a new one on Friday. JOY! JOY AND RAPTURE!

I want someone to call me, but that won't accomplish anything because if they do, I'll be distracted from my independent study work. This is what I get for procrastinating.

The lady that sings for Ruby has a beautiful voice. I like terrible, terrible music. Some songs are just too sexy to keep the lid on.

Burning like a good bonfire in whatever you do.

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