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Anytime You Want Me, Baby! Anytime You Need Me!

I am going to explode I am so happy!

Today started off ho-hum because I had to do my independent study work and go to the high skool to get a bid form so Stefan can come with me to Prom.

He also told me that there are some shows coming up that I might be interested in: Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Siouxsie & The Banshees, and if there's another one, I can't remember what it is.

After that business, I came home, and was going to check my mail and go to sleep, but I found something disturbing in my comments box, so I spent the hour that I was supposed to be sleeping with a knot in my stomach. However, a couple of hours ago, it seems to have resolved itself. Another hooray!

So after that, I took a shower, made Stacy's mix CD, and got all ready to go to group. I had to pump gas on the way, but got there in time. Yay for going 90! I know it's dangerous but if I die, no big loss.

I got to group and that was good, I got to tell about how I've been experiencing euphoria without medication, and I finally got to let out that morbid thing that I did and didn't wanna post at the same time. One of the girls called me freaky. Please. They'd have done the same. Then we had to go over the triangle and the room erupted in groans. Remind me to explain the triangle sometime.

Group got out at 7.15 and I raced over to Mya's house where she looked rather saucy in my black skirt and fishnets, and a rather french-maid-ish white top. She finished off the outfit with her red Converse and then we went to Fresh Choice to dine.

We dined well and ate more than we usually do, but didn't get that sick too-full feeling. By the time we got done with dinner we traipsed like madwomen off to the car screaming and pretending to be a deaf Fran Drescher. ("I'm deaf in one ear." -- SGC2C)

We then drove over to Long's and got some minty gum 'cos neither of us had any mint supplements. The guy that sold us the gum probably thought we were on crack, but it didn't matter. Then I dug through my car to find my bunny ears, which are my custom Brenden-going apparel, now that my hair is a semi-normal colour. I found them, we re-applied our lipstick and then went over to the Brenden. Hope was working, so we didn't dare set a foot inside. Apparently, she saw me steal a schedule last week and got very mad. Oh well. She used to shoot heroin and she is pissed that I took a schedule.

Stephen wanted some gum, and we had to go to my car to get it, so he practically begged her for a break, and she only let him have two minutes. What kind of bullshit is that? Everyone else is allowed to take smoking breaks whenever they want, but when a male employee has a girlfriend he wants to see, oh no! We can't have that.

Anyway, he took the break, he and Mya walked with me arm-in-arm to my car, and on the way there, we ran into Trent, who we were expecting, 'cos I brought along my Space Ghost tape for him to borrow.

He is the first ever LJ'er that I met on LJ, and then met in person. In only two days time. That rocks my socks. He turned out to be dope as all Hell, black fingernails and everything (and the desire to wear a yellow suit to his prom!! shame I didn't meet him a month ago, eh?), but I think Mya and I scared him with our brash talk. We were hyper, what can I say?

Then it got cold and he got some pages, so he had to go, and it was 10.26, so I had to get Mya home. (She's supposed to be home by ten, but she and Stephen were... preoccupied.)

I dropped her off and then headed back to Benicia to watch X-Men with Stefan. It took forever to get back across the bridge! I almost fell asleep after I glimpsed Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, but then I stayed awake and watched the rest of the movie, because he was making a conscious effort to stay awake, so I thought I would too.

I left at 1.45 and went to Chevron, to get, guess what? Nachos and a drink. You are correct, sir. It was the first time I ever wore short-sleeves there, and Mark noticed. "Don't do that, man. You need to take care of yourself."

I saw stupid Mario and Mike Sandow standing outside in the cold all coked-out and dumb. Idiots.

This time, I tried to pay for the nachos. I set them down on the counter and said, "Come on, you have to let me pay for them sometime." He turned me away, and said, "Nah. I'll give 'em to you. I just don't want the other customers to see." Yay for free stuff! <3 Mark <3

Then I came home and found my mom watching Groove without me. I asked her why she never watched it with me when I asked her to. "Take off those pants! They make too much noise," she said.

Today was a fine day... or rather.. it was a fine night tonight.
PS-- Trent, you can get Babyland stuff on

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