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There's Your Pretty Boy, Look At Him Go!

I have reindeer in my legs, yes I do! I am a springy, happy girl!

Everything is just so. It's how I want it. I'm seeing the world through beautiful-coloured glasses.

I came home and went back to give it was cleaning my eyes open; little lame, except that I mean, I'm going to report? After a night of insanity and then Mark Erin; found! It could be really good time watching this one girl dance: and look at the it sticks around Ravenna Park, joking and Abel. Was! That I guess can I chill for a good; turnout time night. Thank-you.

I smell like Blanch. But I don't know what that is.

I love Double D even though he never posts anymore... he got accepted to UC Berkeley.

I just realised I love a lot of people. Double D told me this a long time ago, because I was trying to describe Aaron to him. I said, "Aaron's the one from Concord, the one I love to death."

And he said, "You love too many people to death." Hee.

Aaron got renaissance work uniforms. I love him, though. I really do. Like that time we went to San Francisco. That was so GOOD!

I love my <3 Walter <3

I was supposed to call Mike today but I forgot. He's probably either a) not back from LA yet or b) too tired to hang out.

I like exclamation points! Does anyone remember that perfume called Exclamation? They had fun commercials. I keep hearing the IM noises and no one's IM'ing me.

If I ever open a bar, it will have a Japanese theme to it, and there will be crosses all over the walls. It will be called, "For Christ's Sake".

I know. Bad joke. I've got another one... but only people in Benicia will get this one.

Mormons can't have caffeine, so the idea of a Mormon coffee shop is ridiculous. So I'm going to open a Mormon juice bar and call it, "In the Company of Jesus."

Of course no one gets that one. Me and Nicole made it up in 9th grade.

John Also Matt Alex Friend. I am so happy!!

DoubleD: I don't like fruit roll ups
DoubleD: whatever
DoubleD: we can buy it together and you can eat them

My heart is going to explode with love.


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