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I Correct Myself, I Mean All The Time

The good boys: they're either gay or taken.

The bad boys: trick you into believing they are good, then ruin your life.

I am still in ungodly high spirits. I talked to Lindsay and Mya, and Jessica and Chris came over. They woke me up and I was frightened of the light.

I'm supposed to be cleaning my rheum, but I am too busy being obsessed with LJ. It is crack. It is super-crack now that I have a paid account again.

So the Los Angelians are expecting me this weekend and that is a relief.

"Tell him to stop trying to steal my six-letter girl rhymes with covers. My prom date, sucka."

Prom! I love Bjork. Oh, who am I kidding, I love everyone. I am so happy that I am posting nonsense.

Livejournal: You will love it all to hell when you know it all too well. This is true. LJ is crack. CRACK I TELL YOU.

Ok, I'm being obnoxious with the pictures, I'll stop.

I recruited some lj'ers this week, too. Like Stacy. She is from Concord. <3 Concord <3 I have so much fun when I am there. Like Andy's! The spot Mya and I sit into the wee morning hours. She eats grilled cheese and I eat pancakes, every time. The lady there gave us stickers. Little things like that are what make life worth it. Don't sweat the details is the shittiest cliche ever! The details are what make you human.

My lips are almost healed. I am proud. Yay!

That's the last one (for this entry) I promise.

I love this thing: I was especially shocking makes me do something beautiful coloured glasses; hang out of people to say: that morbid for the same time we still together and gets that man. But that I forgot. I found my socks; master of them; really care of hand this sucks: she's supposed to get one: another one. I want met In grade. And decided I keep it, was he calls me; paint free because it's royal purple suit!

I never want this beauty to end.

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