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Here's a High-Pitched Noise Only YOU Can Hear....

Oh my god, I so wish I could put that noise on here. It was from a monumentally funny episode of SGC2C that was on last night with Lassie as the guest. Jesus. That's all I do is get all excited about cartoons. Well, I put the noise on my answering machine, so now that whoever calls me will get an extra sticky sweet dose of the ghost.

But that means I'm going to have to refrain from answering the phone. Argh. Sacrifices. Perhaps I shall just turn off the ringer. But there is no way to do that on my stupid phone. I wish I could be a voice actor. That's my life's ambition... to bring some cartoon to life and make some person as happy as Clay Croker (the voice of Moltar and Zorak) makes me. It's all about giving back, isn't it?
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