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Masochistic Post

My only condolence is that tomorrow I'm getting some free pens.

Why do they call it applesauce?

Bobcat Goldthwait is funny because he lies all the time.

Heather Locklear was in Disneyland with her husband and child on April 17th, and I sometimes wonder if she is there now.

"Fingernails are scary."

There is a big difference between stupid people and crazy people.

No one can understand the joy of pulling someone's jacket strings until you do it serially.

I made him feel bad by saying, "I want an icon" and it was a dirty trick!

To speak of the things you wish to accomplish is only to fail and then have everyone, including yourself, realise how big of a fool you actually are.

Can you fry rice without the vegetables?

I could make it blonde if I had some goddamn bleach and an orange julius.

I am going to go have a bowl of soup now!

You know what? My fingernails are all crimpy.

I have two crimpy fingernails.

Skinny people eat enough to where they don't get fat, but they're still alive.

I went to the zoo and saw this elephant defecating and it was pretty disgusting.

I've been listening to sad songs a lot lately and I think it's making bad things out of my soul.

Last year Christina and I keyed the mantra "Crispin Glover is my lover"

If I write something based on an event of my life, I find it being too personal and me not wanting to release it to the eyes of anyone unless it is void of my name, and on the other hand, if I just write and make things up as I go as pure spin-offs, it becomes bullshit that is chaos on the page, nothing connecting and therefore, nothing sparking.

Does that person have a problem with english its hella broken or are they retarded coz they're not foreign mistakes?

I just had my first experience with real laughter. Stefan made me laugh so hard that I had tears coming out of my eyes.

A lot of responsibility in a pair of ringing ears if you believe, eh?

I don't want people to treat me like I'm nothing.

She knows she's the victim and she's ok with it.

And just for everyone's information, there is nothing wrong with pedophiles, as long as they are male. I mean what the hell is a grown woman gonna do with a little boy that she can't do with a man. If you want to ask the question "What is a grown man gonna do with a little girl that he can't do with a woman?" then you are opening a can of worms the size of Texas. The possibilities are endless. Ask any straight pedophile.

We want to keep our eyebrows plucked to perfection and never have to worry about stray hairs.

We don't want them to see the freckles that are starting to show because the weather has been sunny.

What is the purpose of anything that will cause pain in such a way?

You know what my favourite thing to say is? "But we have the same mother." Don't ask.

I think everything is starting to crumble again. I will line them up and count to ten.

Just to see how the world responded to one meager little girl, eyes glowing bright with dreams of reaching out and touching someone.

And just to let you know, my hair IS naturally blonde, just because I'm not some Children of the Corn towhead doesn't mean I have fucking brown hair.

Here I stand, to tell the truth. My hair is tangled and my eyes are wild with the freedom they have seen. I want to crouch onto all fours and leap onto something, anything that will hold me. To be nurtured is pleasure; abandoned, torture. No one will ever know what makes these pale cheeks flush, or these eyes lose their glow. Dull and dying, or dull and dead. That is all, I am all I ever will be.

Hello my name is Hell I hate you.

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