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I'll Write You Letters And Bring You Gifts...

I'm going through all your trash. I love you so much, I keep your cigarette butts. No need to be sca-ared. You're gonna be... so happy. I built you a shri-ine, so you can be my icon. -- Duran Duran

How I do love my Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes. They sing the best songs ever. Or how about:

"I knew when I first saw you on the showroom floor/ You were made for me/ I took you home and dressed you up in polyester/ Princess of my dreams/ Emotionless and cold as ice/ All of the things I like/ The way you look, the way you move, the sounds you're making/ Denote you're chrome, latex, and steel."

I love them good. New skool, old skool, high skool.

I'm a pretentious asshole and I hate myself. I want that shirt, and I want it now. The one from Japan with the hearts and the rainbow.

"I hate myself and want to die" is written boldly across the front. I'd wear it well.

Anyway, last night I went over to Stefan's and we coloured Easter eggs and a couple of them looked like roadkill cos we were rolling them around on the styrofoam and all the colours were mingling in ungodly arrays. We decided that if anyone ever hid those ones outside, that they's never get found cos they just looked all dirty.

After that I went to Lindsay's and woke her up and she almost didn't come with me to Andy's but she convinced herself that she would miss something good, and she almost did. The tall guy named John was clearly the highlight of the evening.

So Lindsay and I had .. a snack... I guess you could call it, with Trent (who I can't stop calling Lucian). We chit-chatted and gathered around outside to indulge a certain someone's nicotine habit and I got mocked about my obnoxious squeak of a laugh.

"Who squeaked," asked one of the regulars.

"It was the German." said Tall John.

I was christened the German. And then Lucian had to go and Lindsay and I went back to her house where we made user icons until 6 am, and then I went home and slept.

Yay for being young and vibrant.

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