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This Is Probably Already Widely Known, But--

I was reading in one of the LJ communities, being very bored and all that... and I discovered that they're getting rid of invite codes, but in doing so they're starting some other weird stuff.

They're also suggesting taking away some of the free users' capabilities in order to make more incentive for people to be paid users.

This angers me. What's gonna happen if a year from now I am some crummy old bag lady and all I want is to just use LJ the way I've been used to using it, but I can't because I will be too poor to pay and they've taken away lots of free-user privileges.


In other news, I am becoming more and more angry with the fact that no one, and I mean NO ONE is leaving me to do anything in my own time. They want the answers now, they want my room cleaned now, they want my decision now, they want my payment now, they want my input now.

You fuckers. You know what I'm going to do next time I'm cornered? I'm going to cut my throat to spite you, so instead of getting things now, you'll get them never, ha!

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