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Don't Let Them Get You Down

I suck at everything I try to do. My room is a mess and it's rather a resemblance of my life. One big mess. That's all I am. It seems that I've begun to hate everything. My situation. The people that are FUCKING ALWAYS IN MY FACE. Big message to them, they know who they are... get the fuck out of my life and stay out. I think I'm gonna go do a stupid survey to clear my head and calm myself down.

If I don't get Chinese food tonight I'm going to shoot myself. Wednesdays suck... so I make them better with Chinese food. I don't think I could survive a Wednesday without it. I wanna go to Rasputin's today but I have no money. Damn the man.

John Hannah is a tasty man and I love him. I think I am going to go watch Four Weddings and a Funeral and stare at him. I don't care that he has a receding hairline and that his forehead is huge. I love him. He's a skinny, bony, lovely man. Too bad I could never have someone that good. That's because I have to settle for EVERYTHING in my life. Too bad so sad. I'm gonna make a CD and curl my hair.
My pink and gray hair. BLAH.
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