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I want to be like Mikey.

I just woke up and I was thinking about how schizophrenic I must seem on this thing. That's ok, right? Well, the latest truth has sprung into my mind. A few actually.

* I sleep too much
* I haven't been listening to Raputina or taking my meds
* I want to be like Mikey from Goonies and assimilate the phrases "yo" and "holy Mackenzie" into my vocabulary
* Rasputina are not human because they are way better and everyone should revere them and possibly make human sacrifice.

Another thing: people lie. I think I like it.

Case in point: Dan calls Joe. Dan says, "Joe, I'd really appreciate it if you would respect my un-girlfriend Jerrica." Joe says "Dan, go fuck yourself. I don't have to respect her because she sucks."

Now, this didn't really happen, but for a minute Joe tried to convince me that it did. He lied, but I knew he was lying. And I liked it.*

That's all for the hour. Check back later.

*Names of those involved except me have been changed in order to prevent some major harsh feelings and possibly physical fights.
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