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Lots Of Birds Everywhere...

This morning when I got up, my hair looked like Flock Of Seagulls because it was so freaking huge!

I want to see Donny Osmond, he better hurry up and get here, otherwise I'll be pissed. I also want to see Raspy but they don't seem to want to ever leave the East Coast... maybe I'll visit Lauren, and she and I can get all decked out together and go to the show.

And my eye-make-up from Saturday night still hasn't washed off. But I don't care, I like smeared make-up, and I'm not even on drugs, go fig.

My arms hurt from shopping... or something, I have no clue.

Weird dreams last night, Wedge, you were in one of them. I was in this big house, and one of the rooms led to this huge apartment, and it was yours and Robin's and you had this little girl... she looked like Shirley Temple.. and I felt bad because when I knocked on your door, it woke you up. You were wearing gray shorts and a blue-plaid flannel shirt over a white shirt, and even though you were tired, you showed me around. You had a canopy bed and lots of expensive looking art on your walls. Crazy, eh?

I can barely stay awake for Adult Swim anymore, and I am craving bad for me food. I better go fill up on lettuce or something before I go eating any simulated cheese products. I love you all, and will speak with you again soon.

*will speak with myself, and my thousand personalities again soon*


... but then I reconsidered.

Whoever created the amendment, good on ya.

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