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Forty Five Minutes And Counting, My Darling.

Forty-five minutes and counting, my darling
The candle-light is fading fast
And you and I haven't slept in a long, long time
Starlight tonight in our cheap hotel room
On the side of some unnamed highway where the crickets aren't afraid to sing
The gravel crunches under our shoes
You, me, us.
When we were 16
It�s not so much different now, love
We just need some sleep
We don't know anything for sure
We just know that we slide inch over inch
Every day
Closer to the destiny that we know is waiting for us
Open arms
You, me, us.
Thirty-five minutes and counting, my darling
Mom and Pop are scared that I won't come back
Maybe they're right... they've got a reason to be scared
Tom Petty getting to us at the moment
Taunting us with haunting song
Reminding us of the childhood that we didn't have in Indiana
Reminding us of everything we never did
Things are so much different now, darling.
Close your eyes and sleep without me
I'll kiss your eyelids and push you off to sleep
Much the way you push away from the dock
Summers in Nevada City...
You, me, us.
Self-doubt is the only thing in my way now
And really there is nothing left to doubt
The open road just calls, and I get closer to the place I want to be
A place with only you
With only me
Twenty-five minutes and counting, my darling
My heart races
And your pulse slows
Asleep, you cannot know the perils of this night
But give yourself to dreams and memories
You give yourself to me
The trust was never broken, never truer
Just here in our hotel room
Aching bones and creaking doors
Hallways covered in dust
Young eyes, filled with lust
You, me, us.
Fifteen minutes and counting my darling
My blood thins, and yours thickens
We were always so opposite, why should tonight be any different
I planned to stay, and yet I go
My eyelids drooping but not closed
And you, asleep, in wonderland
I know I'll see you again someday
I ask myself if all this is right
Will you miss me?
Will you remember this night?
No one knew what I planned to do
Not you, me, us
Just me, not you
Can you feel my urgency?
Your eyelids flutter as I brush back your hair
You, me, us
Five minutes and counting my darling
My world reduced to painful throbs
The tears come free but burn my cheek
I hope you will not hear my sobs
You will awake, and I'll be gone
You'll find this note,
I said so long
You might cry, but you'll also smile
You've been expecting this for a while
The ink is running and my head pounds
I'm glad you're asleep and not really around
So now I'll just lie close to you
And it will end like I want it to
When I draw in my last breath
It will be a graceless death
You'll remember how scared I was
Just a kid who never felt any love
I'm slipping closer to who I want to be
A place where I don't have to be
A place with you, and without me

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