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New Dress

I got a new dress today for $2 and picked up a job application that looks promising. The dress is plain black, long-sleeved wool. I look like a Puritan, except there is no collar and it rises slightly above the knee. It is comfy as all hell.

All I need is my foot in the door with a job, and all will be well. I'm going to fill out the application tomorrow and turn it in and get some work done on my room.

My parents have told me this is what they will do to improve my situation if I get it clean before May 25th:

*New carpet... I am thinking bright red, because you don't see that too often
*Lag-bolting my entertainment center so it won't fall on me if an earthquake hits
*New mattress. I wake up every morning with a throbbing spine because the springs are kaput. I've had it since I was three or four anyway.
*Harry Potter bedsheets. I don't even know if they're available anymore.. I hope they are though
*I'm finally getting to paint. I have purple and silver paint sitting in the garage from almost two years ago and it's not getting any younger. There is a pretty border that is off-white and Rasputina-esque with Mellon-Collie-era Smashing Pumpkins moons and stars that is going above the moulding.
*New lighting. The fluorescent one hurts my eyes and I am fiending for a blue light-bulb.

Talk about motivation. I can't believe I haven't started yet. They even gave me an extra dresser to put all of my clothes in.

I got a shirt made at the mall tonight shortly before going to a crazed dinner with Mya. Before letting her out to go into her house, I screamed, "Mya, don't you get out of this car without giving me a hug! Don't you love your mother? Tell your mommy you love her and give her a big goddamned kiss!" without realising that my window was open. The best part is that I was parked in her neighbour's driveway, and they probably heard every word.

The shirt I had made was black, and in cursive writing on the front it's going to say:

Better Dressed!

And on the back, in small Old English letters, it's going to be diagonal, and it's going to say:


The letters are red. I am hoping it will be as wonderful as I imagine it to.

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