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I complained about it before but I like it now. I'm so ashamed of myself! *covers face* Damn the disco revival music... Nikka Costa you will be the goddamn death of me! But really, I love that song, (Like A Feather) haven't been able to get it out of my head. I went out with Lindsay the movie star and her boyfriend Josh and we wanted to go to Fresh Choice, but it was too late, so we ended up going to Red Robin and I gave this guy some crayons because I stole them. He was some waiter that worked at Red Robin, and that's where I stole the crayons from. Stealing crayons is cool. (Dogs eating people is cool. --Nowhere) I made Lindsay play this song by Siouxsie and the Banshees OVER AND OVER because it rocks my socks. It's called Cities in Dust or something like that and I love it and would give one of my toes to the devil if I could hear it right now. And have it on my MP3 player. I swear I wish Siouxsie Sioux was a man because her voice reminds me of Paul Draper and it's damn sexy. It makes me tap my fingernails on my teeth-- that's how good it is. I made a CD of all the songs that are sexy and some of my choices disturbed me. It's spring time. All I can think about is weird kinky provocative stuff like men in pantyhose. Control top pantyhose. HA!

I feel like painting my nails right now but then I don't. Oh man. I wish there was a way to put sounds up on here because I'm in a noisy mood. Like you know how when you're talking to someone on an instant messaging thing and then you find yourself typing "heh heh" and then saying it out loud at the same time? That's what I do. Like right now. I bet you guys didn't know that right now I was sitting here making noises because I'm so excited. Tonight was exciting. I tried to hang out with Mya but it didn't work-- she's in LA. And to think I wasn't gonna get out of bed today. I still think I should have made a quick trip to the produce department though. I'm in serious need of baby carrots. *tee hee*

Santa Cruz stuff.. ah yes.
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