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Both Frightening And Grotesque

Christelle, I downloaded Disco Pop Stars finally. It is some of the craziest music I've ever heard. It reminds me of video games. And crazy, cute Asian girls that work in Disneyland on Pirates of the Caribbean and wear pigtails under their beanies. Cute Asian pirate girls rock my socks. Disneyland rocks my socks. Thanks for sharing!

And now for your regularly scheduled programming [watch me drivel!]:

When I look at him, I am strangely entranced. There are hints of defiance in his eyes and his cheekbones show on special occasions. His hair is strange and lovely, and I wouldn't mind having a go at him. Not many people can get away with a half-shaved head, but he can. His wits are quick and he makes use of the illegal variety of drugs. He uses words I only dream about and whenever I peer into my fantasies, he is there. He's not a movie star. He's someone I've seen. Someone I've touched. Someone whose cigarettes I can identify without asking. He has mischief inside but not everyone sees that. He shares my views. I find him in my head [maybe in my bed?]. He could never understand my favourite songs and I could never understand his, but we make peace. Some see him as nothing more than a big kid, and I see him as someone reminiscent of telephone wires. He fits and he's like a Rose. But what's in a name? Rose will change it often and he will no longer be like her. He tells me what I need to hear and it echoes in my head. Anyone who knows me will understand what this is all about. They will know how I burned for him but never had to tell him how I felt.

Now, extend your hands and tell me: who is the boy?


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