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The Spiders That Live And Die In Her Room

Birthday tomorrow.

Can we say freaking out?

Oh well. I get to go shopping with my mummy and hopefully my check will get here so I can buy a cool translucent blue fake penis. It will be my first of many, and it will be named John. I will set it up in the window of my bookshelf for all to behold, until I have collected so many that they need their own glass case. It will be magnificent. I don't want them to have power, either. I just want them to be steadfast and pretty, and able to stand up by themselves. Can you get them so they do that, or do you need stands for them?

(Thanks Fluffy. As an eighth grader, you guys had me fiending for my own collection.)

Um, I'm going to skool today, because the Disneyland trip is Thursday and I need to find out the specifics. I also need to talk to Jessica and see what's going on with our tattoos. I think I'm gonna hold off on getting mine until I find the perfect Tinkerbell I want, and until I build some muscle in the region I'm getting the tattoo.

There are some damn chimes in the kitchen that my dad hung on the fan, so they have been ringing all morning and I am about to throw them down the stairs. Actually I couldn't. They're too pretty. But maybe I'll wrap them in something so they don't chime, they just clink up against each other. Yes, oh yes.

I sent a letter to a girl who is selling Rasputina pins, and I put hearts and kiss-marks all over the outside of the envelope because I didn't know how else to decorate it besides glitter. I hope she's not creeped out.

And I need to get some tickets quick like a bunny for WonderWorld. Yee yee. It's in Great America and it's closed specifically for the ravers (oops, pardon me, the 'music-festival goers') & you get access to all the rides with the ticket price. Now to find directions to Great America. I haven't been there since I was like 7.

Rheum-cleaning, birthday-planning, information-finding, laundry-doing, food-eating, like nobody's business.

Have a wonderful day, my little jellybeans.


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