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She's Legal, Step Right Up And See!

I'm 18! It's official.

I bought some scratchers from the Chevron but couldn't afford any cigarettes, sorry Jessica!


The lady at Chevron's birthday was last night, so she was all excited that I was a Taurus too, and was all excited that I was buying my first scratcher, but she thought I was 21, hee hee!

She gave me a free 44-oz. soda because it was my birthday.

So the scratchers I bought didn't win me any money, but I still bought them. I can't wait to buy cigarettes, just to not smoke them!

Jessica and I want to go around with them hanging out of our mouths, not lit or anything, just there, because we can.

And we want to go downtown with fake penises hanging out of the zippers of our drawers. That will be truly a sight. Must remember camera.

Am I speaking in broken English?

So I have tomorrow and Wednesday to be a ball of mischief, and then Thursday I am off for Disneyland until Saturday.

Stefan called me from Nevada just to say he missed me. Two boys have said they missed me tonight and I feel absolutely bubblicious.

Even though I have a headache, I still feel good. My fears are still there, but mostly I'm seeing the next year as a total playground. I think 19 is what I have to worry about.

If I'm still acting like a total ass after a year of being an 'adult' someone smack me into reality, and all will be well.

Good morning and goodnight, my lovely fireflies.

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