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Another Feather Over Here Professor


I just discovered something interesting.

Christelle has taken me off of her friends list...

The post in which she said that she was making her journal friends only had a lot of cryptic messages about how you have to be responsible and trust-worthy to be able to read her thoughts.

Does this mean I am a sneaky bitch and don't deserve it?

On another hand, there is the fact that she said, if you'd like to be a part of it, to e-mail her.

I neither e-mailed nor commented.

Is it merely a break-down in communication, or is it as I had suspected? Does she mistrust, possibly hate me? Should I write her?

If the reason I have been removed is because of a trust issue-- I really have nothing to say about that. There is absolutely no reason why anyone shouldn't trust me.

All of these questions just because of a little blue arrow.

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