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Please... Come Lie Next To Me

Last night was the Apoptygma Berzerk show. It was at Slim's in the city, and my first 18 + event.

They (Apop.) played:

*Love Never Dies
*Kathy's Song
*Deep Red
*Non-stop Violence.. I can't remember what else.

The Bass Kittens (whose merchandise was designed by the wonderful Jhonen Vasquez), Beborn Beton & Computorgirl opened for them, and I really liked Computorgirl (she sounded lots like Portishead, and it was funny watching her try and sell stuff, because she barely spoke English, and she kept grabbing people around the head to hear their orders). She & Apop. are from Norway. Beborn Beton were from Germany.


Beforehand, we picked up Molly and went to dinner in Alameda at a Chinese restaurant, where I was able to torture Stefan because of the name of the Italian cafe across the street. Lots of Mustangs drove by.

"It's a Mustang. You don't want it."

The keyboardist and better singer of Apoptygma Berzerk is so goddamn good-looking, I almost passed out watching him sing.

Stefan noticed me fawning and said, "You like it, Katie. Too bad he lives in Norway." Yes. Too bad indeed. He looks like a younger, more vibrant and beautiful version of John Hannah. And he can sing like no other. For proof of this, if you have any way to download music, you should download the Beborn Beton remix of "Kathy's Song" by Apoptygma Berzerk, and the beautiful keyboardist can be heard within the opening seconds crying, "No I'm Not A Sa-aint!!" The drummer was also a gaunt, beautiful man.

The keyboardist is the one on the left. With the side-burns. And the tight shirt.

Swoon, ok. Swoon.

The boys of Beborn Beton (except the hot keyboardist... what is up with all of these hot keyboardists?) autographed a demo CD for me, and Computorgirl autographed the CD I bought from her. There was an Apop after-party at the DNA Lounge where we could have gotten the autographs of the Apoptygma Berzerk boys, but we were all really tired, so we took off.

And Lindsay from Oreville was at the show. What a cunt-bitch.

We dropped Molly off and then drove around Concord being bad kids, and I drove the Integra! I took it without asking. I can somewhat drive stick-shift. Hooray for me not being a helpless girl.

Then we went back to Stefan's and we tried to sleep but it was really hot and crowded and too bright in his room. So instead we stayed up the whole night talking about random shit, and I kept telling him stories that I thought were funny, but made his skin crawl.

I got a goooooood Apoptygma Berzerk shirt with an equaliser on the front and I am sad because I'm going to be away this weekend. I have to go to my cousin's graduation and it's probably gonna suck hardcore, but my family up in the mountains seem relatively happy that I'm actually coming, so I guess I'll survive.

I got a nice pair of Dockers out of it. Black. Nice pants. Some nice long sleeved shirts, too.

And a poster! Of the tour. It was a beautiful evening, I must say.

I'm home now, and my mother is going to be pissed off that I didn't pick up the prom pictures, but hopefully pleased that I did pick up the graduation permission form.

I know there was more to say, but it has escaped me for now.

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