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Oh My God-- She's So Hot

No cloves from Thursday to today. I'm proud of myself, but I really want one. Maybe I'll leave later just to indulge that craving.

For the most part, there was just one reason that I didn't sneak off into the woods (which was one of those extremely easy things to do) to smoke. That reason was a 23 year old male specimen named Shawn.

He was positively a dream. He had black hair and blue eyes, a wonderful smile, and even better laugh, and was built in a muscular fashion. As it turns out, he's an old friend of the family, so he comes to a lot of the get-togethers and functions. Katie is going to be a family girl here for a while.

He doesn't drink, or smoke, or do drugs. In all reality, he's addicted to women. Half of his conversations consisted of "Oh my god, she's so hot." He likes all sorts of women, but not blondes. I am so glad my hair was black when I was up there. I spent all last night talking to him, and finding myself more and more infatuated. He's plagued by migraines, and that makes me swoon all the more. A boy who suffers is my cup of tea. The way he says goodnight makes me want to sleep all the time.

At around 11, my mother made me come to bed (ie, out of the living room, and away from Shawn the wonder boy). I asked her why, and she said I was being 'inappropriate'. I asked her what she meant, and she said, 'Well, you're being really obvious.'

I said, 'What's obvious?'

She said, 'The flirting.'

I said, 'What? Because I'm the only one flirting?'

She said, 'God no. Both of you. It's just inappropriate.'

Maybe that's because she's watched both of us grow up and has been friends with his mom since before we were born.

Then, when we got in the car this morning, she had noticed that I'd snapped a photograph of the wonder boy and said, 'So how many pictures of Shawn did you get?'

I was sad that I was only able to get one.

Then she proceeded to embarrass the hell out of me and tell my father how I was giggling and batting my eyes all night and how Shawn was giving it right back to me.

He's also very shy. He's only had one serious relationship with a girl, and she ended up leaving him for his best friend. That must have been terrible. Your first love leaving you for your best friend, and your best friend letting things happen.

He doesn't believe in marriage... wow, me neither. I shattered his notion that all blondes were dumb because we were having a debate last night... and he's one of the only boys I know who used to watch, and still likes, Jem and the Holograms.

I like his sister and parents a lot, and I want little more in life than to be with him, just for now, anyway.

The best part? He lives in San Diego. Perhaps my plans of moving down to Los Angeles will come off of their hiatus.

Other than all the boy drama, the graduation ceremony was good, and it feels weird to be so old. I'm glad I'm 18 though, because Shawn doesn't like girls who are 'eleventeen'.

I have to forget all of it though, because the next time I'm going to see him will probably be in two years, and he will probably be married to some beautiful girl.

I'm glad to be home. Seeing the people I used to take baths with as a kid graduate and walk down that aisle made me crazy.

Mr. Greene says I can call him Phil now because I'm a graduate, and if he doesn't come to the graduation, we can meet for coffee so he can sign my yearbook.

I am really in love with the notion of being alive right now, and I don't want this feeling to go away.

And I really want to hang out in Concord tonight.

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