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It's A Four Banger -- You Don't Want It.

Today was a dream. Woke up, easy going, cancelled my little rendezvous with the army recruiter. Took my sweet time getting ready and skittered off to group. I really don't need it anymore.

I was so jittery and happy that I could barely sit still or stop talking. Mya got work off, and I brought her the Harry Potter DVD because she couldn't afford it. I also made her a Night Driving CD, and we went to dinner. She invited Trent along, but he didn't come because he got there late and didn't realise how close to JCPenney's that Fresh Choice really was.

(Trent called Stefan's house and asked if I was there--I wasn't--... it was precious.)

So we went to the Brenden, where Stephen was a total dickface, and tried contacting Trent from there. He apologised and came to about 15 minutes later, complete with black nails and shaven face. Impressive.

He came, we smoked, Mya Irish-danced, we yelled at cars, gave some old weird guy a cigarette (he claimed to be Raquel Welch) and then some people from Texas flagged us down and we went to a parking lot where everyone got stoned, with the exception of me. It was in the Lori's Diner parking lot, which I find incredibly amusing, cos people just kept walking by. We talked, and the lead Texan kept accusing me of wanting to get into his pants. I wasn't saying a word, but apparently, in Texas, when a woman looks you straight in the eye, it means she wants to fuck you. Don't mess with Texas. The lead Texan told Mya she was hot, and even though she found him repulsive, she played along.

She and I only do things as such when we're together. That's the ONLY time.

Back to the Texan's accusation: Let's get one thing straight... there is only one person tangible who I want to fuck, and it is not the Texan.

They were drunk, and driving a mini-van. We're teenagers, and think it's funny. We are also insane.

After they took off, we hung around the parking lot, chain-smoking, talking, making jokes, laughing, and tickling one another. I hugged Mya's head close to mine and whispered secrets into her ear. She did the same. Mostly we were only telling each other things we already knew, but there was also learning to be had.

And we listened to der Babylanden.

Why do you want me to say, "It's not a tumor"?

Puddle. Homo! Puddle?

There were lots of laughs and smiles... so much so that my face started to hurt. Annie is a wookie.

At midnight, after two pages from her parents, we dropped Mya off and proceeded to sneak the under aged boy who loves his mother out of the house.

He hella loves his mother. He told me so. He thinks she's the best woman in the world. And he wears a belt, and goes to church on Sunday. He drives a '66 Mustang and talks like he's living in the 50's. He's a winner.

So we went to the parking lot (I think I like parking lots almost as much as laundromats) of a Mormon church and smoked, and I bought a pair of nail clippers, but not in that order. We drove around a lot and I made him show me his muscles and tell me all about how much he loves his mother.

We snapped some photographs and went to the Walnut Country (can anyone guess what country that is?) and then I was left by myself to complete my voyage home.

Before going home however, I stopped by Stefan's and told him of the night's exploits. He laughed a lot and he bought a Subaru WRX just so he could show it off to me. What a fella.

Then I came home and took my shoes off of my hands and feet. The special kind of shoes, with chains around my wrists...

And now I'm making absolutely no sense, so I must adjourn to my sunny spot.

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