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Kinderwhore Am I

I just got some lacy, gauzy, tea-stained, Rasputina-esque shirts and I look like such a whore in them! It's so fabulous.

My hair was in curls earlier and I had my red lipstick on. All that was missing was a frilly skirt, lolli-pop and patent leather mary janes.

I miss wearing baby doll dresses and ringlets, and white tights. I absolutely love the kinderwhore look and have the face to pull it off. People still think I'm 15!! I love it. Pigtails are my bag.

Also... my mother informed me that Shawn (read: blue-eyed boy wonder) will most likely be attending the family reunion in 29 days because his family lives very close and Pam (his mother) is one of my mother's and my aunt's close friends. If he is there.. man oh man.

I talked to my mother and she said that I could take a red-eye flight out of SF in order to make it to the reunion and see the Raspy show. You see? My mother understands... she's the queen of the castle. My father is more like the dungeon-keeper. He dishes out discipline and punishments... but my mom ultimately makes all the decisions.

Keep your fingers crossed, nonetheless!

Mya's going to be attending the Prom tonight. I hope that, if she reads this, she knows my love and wishes are going out to her on this very special night.

Since no one has called me to play, I will assume the role of Cinderella today and do lots of cleaning and other disgusting things that I can't be bothered to do when people come crawling out of the woodwork.

Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!

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