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I Bat An Eye And Cast My Spell

The devils are dreaming. Dreaming of a blue angel.

I got really upset last night, started crying and made a complete mess of all the make-up I was wearing (and that I was wearing for no reason, of course). I was just wearing it for the hell of it, and because I don't feel like I can clean my rheum without looking like some glamorous forties housewife. (Don't ask). I want to be dainty and use one hand to push the vacuum and the other to hold up the edges of my slip.

Anyway-- after I succeeded in crying any decent eye decor into a tar-pit, I got online, where I talked for a short while to Lindsay, and then to the under-aged boy that loves his mother.

He said he would come play because I was so sad, and because no one else was around. So I went to the Brenden and called him, and he made a loud crashing noise as he crept out of the house.

I felt a lot better by the time I got there, because I was driving with the music up really loud, yelling out all the lyrics, and sucking on a blue blow pop.

We decided that we'd go to Andy's. No one is lying to you when they tell you that place was designed for tweekers. However, the number of drug-induced night-owls has dramatically dropped since the lenient and wonderful waitresses have stopped working there.

I met this undeniably wonderful but undoubtedly on-something girl last night there, and her name was Tori. She was very sweet, telling me goodbye along with two hugs, even though I just met her.

Her friends were there, and they were nice as well, though they didn't offer any hugs upon our departure.

Then after that, we went to 7-11 where I picked up some mint gum (can you believe I was all out?), and then I dropped the under aged boy who loves his mother at home, and went to Stefan's house (he left a rose under my windshield wiper and I had to thank him).

But guess what?

He wasn't home... he was at my house trying to talk to me. All of this at three am. He says it's ESP.

I am so getting nowhere fast.

Later I am going to the mall with Nicole to get a black wig, trying to clean some of my rheum, and then I am going to group and hopefully, dinner with Mya.

Also, I will get to mingle with my sweet cherry for a bit, and that, of course, will no doubt brighten up my sundae.

Other than that, I'm still tired, feeling sick and dizzy, with a pounding headache.

Forever, you.

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