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Turning Up Like Bad Pennies

I think the Babyland guy was just on TV doing a voice-over for a commercial-- he rocks.

Too bad this post can't be long, but I have to do a lot of shit for Grad Nite... that's right. Grad Nite. Because I graduated today.

I am a high school graduate with a pretentious-looking diploma and rainbow hair. Yes, yes, I'm rainbow again, and I'm wearing a BMW shirt that Stefan likes.

My hair is:


And you know you love it. It's gonna suck when it starts fading though... cos you can't really do [practical] touch-ups when your hair looks like this.

I start my job at an architectural firm on Monday, office work and shit. I bought a black wig for that purpose, and I'm going to Germany with Jessica, it's all set, and Tanja is here.

I hate being all stupid and sentimental, but it can't be helped. My mom is another year older, and my rheum is almost clean.

I finished high school, I can finish my damn rheum.

Who's gonna come visit me when it's done?

Take care of yourselves, my darling fireflies.

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