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The Day Of The Eclipse

It looked like dusk all afternoon today because of the eclipse, and I learned from Stefan that you can see that shit without hurting your eyes if you look through a CD. It was so cool, it was like seeing the moon, only all the colours were reversed. From where we were, we saw the sun about 60% eclipsed.

I am so excited for July 3rd to come! Men In Black II (Tommy Lee Jones! I want to jump his bones!) and Powerpuff Girls come out that day, but we all know I am seeing the Powerpuffs first. There better be a lot of HIM in that movie or I will kick someone.

My first day at work was good, I ate cherries and strawberries all day like some sort of Egyptian goddess, and got to sit in front of a computer screen, and then make boxes and label them. The bastard architects take things out and then don't put them back, so Stacey and I have to put everything back (grr!) and one of the bummers is that they don't have internet access, and when I put a CD in the computer, it freezes. I had to turn it back on twice, but Stacey thinks they have a virus or something.

Don't ask, don't tell, man.

I was singing and dancing and doing origami for Stefan in my car today, and banging my head against the steering wheel, and screaming, and honking my horn, and laughing so hard I couldn't breathe... like those times I know that I'm going to do that-- it makes me happy.

Like that thing with the Jeep-- I didn't realise how funny that was until I saw it twice.

I must adjourn-- my posting is keeping the relatives awake.

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