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The Disney movie with the nerd who had amazing people skills was on last night. I could barely watch it. I wanted to watch a pink dog instead... or maybe that wasn't last night. I don't know for sure, things have been kind of a blur.

I'm very excited because Mya and I are scheduled (heh heh, sheh-juled) to hang out on Saturday, which will be dope. Mya rocks the casbah. So does everyone who cares enough to have put me on their list. You all don't know how much it rocks my socks. I love it, I love it, I love it!! Oh yeah, and the newest one to have made me sublimely happy was THIS GUY right here. It was surprising to see that I was befriended. Yes. I don't know why that's so satisfying, but it is. Am I the only one who completely adores being lj befriended? I hope not!

Sleep is good. I think I will do some of that, but I have to check something first. Yup, just as I thought. I'm taping Tyler's movie "The Maker" tonight on IFC. He's lucky I didn't forget because I am a dumb scatterbrain. It's on in 45 minutes which gives me just enough time to watch my pink dog and make a pretty label. I feel special. I'm doing something for an lj friend that goes beyond an e-mail.

Off to watch Courage the Cowardly Dog. Did I mention he's pink? I don't care, Eustace is my favourite character. Old bald guys are cool.
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