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Johnny Blaine, Please Call My Name

So, I've been enjoying a clean rheum for two days. A new television, a new mattress, some new sheets, new speakers, new curtains, another table, and still not enough room.

What's a girl to do?

You should see the way the Nintendo looks now that I've got a 27". It makes me happy like I should be.

Who's gonna come play Nintendo with me. Let me specify: Super Nintendo. That's right, nothing cutting edge, but it makes me happy.

I've been such a loner this summer, it's horrible. The only people I've seen are Mya and Stefan. I'm gonna go do some movie editing and have a clove out the window.

I sound like Bridget Jones.

And.. does anyone know what happened to Geo?

PS-- Thanks for all the help with choosing the new haircolour. It looks like Claire Danes red won.

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