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Yelling Like Wild Injuns

The events of last night were interesting, at best.

Went to groop, picked up Mya, and then drove to Frederick's of Hollywood where I picked up a positively luscious corset, which Mya helped me tie. We were making an audio spectacle in the dressing room, making obscene noises, and I was urging her, rather loudly, to pull the strings tighter, tighter, tighter still! When it was tied to my satisfaction, I felt just like Nicole Kidman, but looked like some pasty fucker.

Then, after paying $54 for the lovely thing, we proceeded to Fresh Choice and ate dinner, and talked about all the wonderful things that we want, and will probably never have.

Then we went to the Brenden and terrorised everyone, and I made her help me put my corset on. So we went into the bathroom, and she helped me, and then she called me a whore because she didn't believe I would just wear it out like that. Of course I would, that's the whole point of having bought it, right?

So then we went and stood out on the street and smoked, and yelled at cars, and paged UA a bunch of times...

And then OJOX came! I saw his Integra round the corner so I took off running down the street after him, still wearing my corset.

Never run in a corset. It took me like five minutes to regain my breath. I now know why HIM sounds the way he does. I chased his car down, he parked, and then we all drove to Mya's house and she got stoned.

We paged the six-banger some more, and then I drove home and talked to Ojox on the phone until I fell asleep.

And I realise exactly how much I need to stop smoking the cloves.

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