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It's In My Blood

I saw Rasputina tonight! I can die happy now. I was so close to Melora I almost died! I didn't get anything signed, unfortunately, we took off before the girls (there are only two of them now) came out to mingle with the crowd, but I got two of Melora's bowstrings, thanks to some fellow livejournalers. That was fascinating, as always.

But Sean said that he'd get her autograph "to Katie" if she did emerge, and that's wonderful, because he lives close enough by where I could just go pick it up if the mission was accomplished.

SHE SPOKE TO ME! Sure, she said, "What are you dangling?" (I made her a bracelet) but she still spoke to me. I'm so stupid and starstruck. Oh well. K Cowperthwaite picked up the bracelet off the stage where I threw it. Hopefully she gave it to Melora, cos it was kandy and it said her name on it. Too bad I couldn't deliver it to her myself, and too bad I'm going to be in Germany when the girls come back here to Santa Monica. I love them. I just *wish* I could have gotten a picture of me and Melora, my life would have been complete. But I always leave too early and stay too late.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, I need to get to bed, I have to get up at five am and leave, but when I return there will be a full update and list of the songs they played (that's right, I wrote them all down. I am a sucka).

We also met a charming Brit by the name of Johanna who lives.. guess where? In my favourite place. Concord. Right on! To hell right on!! We gave her a ride home, it was deliriously good.

To bed with me!

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