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Old Faded Pictures Of You And Your Sisters

I'm in San Diego (Arik, Mat! I'm leaving tomorrow at nine, I won't be able to see you.) We came here on Saturday for the family reunion and I thought it was going to be boring and ridiculous, but I have cousins who I am going to have a hard time living without. There's Eric, obviously, because we grew up together. Then there are the two I met for the first time ever, Michelle, who is my aunt Lela's daughter, and her husband Bear. They're from Texas and they're going to send me a shirt that says "Don't Mess With Texas". It is going to be cherished always, and they aee much, much fun. We've been stirring up trouble all weekend, and it's been far too much fun. We played badminton in the pitch dark last night, using flashlights to try and track the birdie. We got in a lot of trouble because we were loud and giggly, and there was much pissing on the ground. It was a night to remember.

They have Ms. Pac Man here! If Pac Man influenced us all as children, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, eating magic pills and listening to electronic music. Oonsa, Oonsa!

I'm definitely going to visit them this summer.

Michelle wants to go outside and play badminton, and we're in here drinking and spraying cologne.

Off to stir up trouble, and to treasure the last night under stars who aren't spoiled by the light pollution of the city.

Ciao, babies.

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