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Pop And Grind

My brain just fizzled out on me a bit, and caused a short circuit, which caused me to remember something kind of dismaying.

Since I'm going to be in Germany for three weeks, I won't be here to wish some of you livejournalers happy birthdays.

So, happy pre-birthday to:

Richard, on July 9th, stay dainty and have a happy one!

April Marie, on July 11th, kick up your heels, forget about the wedding for a day, relax and have fun!

And, to the soon-to-be-dark-headed-but-for-now-yellow-headed-6'4"-dream-boy, on July 15th, happiest of happy birthdays and much love.

I'll be thinking of you overseas.. I just don't know if I'll be able to post about it!

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