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Post Viral Post

Well. It's done. My beloved computer had a horrible virus and now everything I got so used to and loved so much is all gone.

I had to use other peoples' computers to get my email, and I couldn't post. All of my icons, MP3's, all of the writing that I've written for PG since Dec. 2000, all of that shit is gone. It makes me so sad. Burned CD's are no longer disposable.

Argh. That's all I have to say. I'm going to have to spend an eternity dredging up all of my old stuff from various sources and putting it back on here, making it semi-normal again.

When the music stops, the rest is silence. What movie is that from? If you guess right I'll give you a cookie.

On a lighter note, I'm going to be leaving for Germany in just over 24-hours. I'm going to be there until August and don't know what trying to post will be like.

If anyone wants postcards, email your address to "". You will get a German postcard. All of your friends will envy you. It will be grand.

I bought Devil in the Flesh and taped more foil over my windows. I started the rough draft.

Can I trust you with my plan?

Comment if I can.

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