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Germany - Part One

*This keyboard is strange, and I am in a foreign country, so please forgive all of the following typos*

(Taken from a paper journal I've been keeping)

San Francisco Airport, after being off to a late start, we're already harassing the foreigners, including a surprise inspection of a poor Irishmen's passport & a guy from Spain who told us we should not go to Germany, but to go to Spain, because it's 'better'.

After all of this, we went to the Firewood Cafe and talked the bartender into hooking it up. He gave Jessica and I each one half of a verz stiff drink called a Lemon Drop. Jessica didn't like it, so she poured her portion into my glass, thus I got a tiny bit tipsy before our flight. He also taught us how to make a drink called a 'Mind Eraser'. Kahlua, Vodka, 7Up. He said he and his coworker had been drinking them all day, hence why he gave two underage girls free drinks at an airport bar where Big Brother is most certainly watching. We then endured a grueling 10-hour flight to a dirty London airport where our flight was delayed.

After much ado, we took off from London to Berlin, and I can safely say that I do not like being tired on long flights and I am very jealous of the batsrads up front who got the sleeper chairs. Except, all of my pain is gone when Jessica does her impression of that tennis plazer, either Venus or Serena. That's great.

We arrived in Berlin at around 6 pm German time, but since our flight had been delayed, they sent our baggage in the flight ahead of us and we almost had a situation on our hands. We had to go down to customs and the lost baggage dept. to claim our bags. The guy working at the counter was far too good-looking for his own good. That's another thing I love about Germany: eye-candy! Well-dressed eye-candy, everywhere you look! We got into Frankfurt (Oder) around 8.30 and family meeting commenced I can't tell you what the drive was like, I was asleep.

We watched European MTV, drank German Coca-Cola and at piyya. We were also informed that we are going to Berlin Saturday to go the LOVEPARADE!! Hooraz! Nothing really has been planned for this evening except shopping and perhaps going to a bar.


Last night we went to a German partz. Thez took an old store and draped it with sheets and decorated in with mannequin parts and sunflowers. The way they set it up reminded me a lot of a rave, but they barely played any techno music and everyone was dressed like they were going clubbing. There was a bar (needless to say) and tons of people. They were giving out Chupa-Chups at the door and it finally hit me and Jessica that we were really in Germany. I wore a sweater that I bought here and my red corduroys. We went to the mall earlier that day and bought a maroon corduroy skirt and a long black Rasputina-style skirt that is a very trendy thing to have, all for under €50.

For the first half an hour we were there, Jessica and I sat on a couch by the door and people-watched to see who was coming in and what not and then Uli (a friend of Tanja's that we met here) came up, shoved a Smirnofff Ice in our faces and said, 'What are you doing? Whz are you so boring? You're in Germany! You see this? This is Smirnoff... It's wodka.. and it's.. it's Great! (Apparentlz she was so sloshed that she couldn#t remember what else was in it) So drink some of this! Lenny Kravitz is on! Make party!' Then, she scampered off to dance.

After a bit, Jessica and I got up and tried to dance, but to no avail. We just weren't feeling it. So we found Tanja who helped us acquire two Smirnoff Ices and that loosened us up a bit because I have a very low tolerance. So we started dancing and that's when things kicked into high gear. They played Vanilla Ice (Word to your mother! If only Christina Reyes had been there!) and Tequila, and Paint It Black. I started screaming when that came on because it reminded me of Stir Of Echoes. After we got too sweatz or too hot, Jessica and I would go outside, and there is where I indulged in mz first clove of the trip.

Then Uli came out and explained to us that she was very drunk (It's great!) and that she wanted her man from Berlin to come (he's looking great) cos she needed someone to fuck ('cos it would be great). She likes the word 'great' a lot. She saw what I was smoking and asked me if it was a cigarillo, and I said no, it was a clove, mit Zücker on dem Filter. She tried it, and said, 'Ooh, this is great!' Then, she paused, lowered her voice and said, 'Can I take this?' I told her sure, and she looked at me wide-eyed and said, 'Really? You're nice!' and again scampered off to dance...

.. more to come later


Does anyone miss me?

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