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Germany, Part One: The Arrival

San Francisco airport, after being off to a late start. We're already harassing the foreigners, including a surprise inpsection of a poor Irishmen's passport and a guy from Spain who told us that we should not go to Germany, but instead to Spain, because it was "better".

After all of this, we went to the Firewood Cafe and talked the bartender into hooking it up. He gave Jessica and I each one half of a very strong drink called a Lemon Drop. Jessica didn't like it, so she poured her portion into my glass, thus I got a tiny bit tipsy before our flight and he taught us how to mix a drink called a 'Mind Eraser'. Kahlua, Vodka, 7Up. He said he and his co-worker had been drinking them all day, hence why he gave two underage girls free drinks at an airport bar where Big Brother is most certainly watching.

We then endured a grueling ten hour flight to a dirty London airport where our flight was delayed. After much fuss, we took off from London to Berlin, and I can safely say I do not like being tired on long flights, and I am very jealous of the bastards up front who got the sleeper chairs. All of my pain, however, disappears when Jessica does her impression of that tennis player. One of the sisters: Venus or Serena, that's great.

We arrived in Berlin at around 6-ish, but since our flight had been delayed, they had sent our baggage in the flight ahead of us, and we had to go to customs and the lost baggage department to claim our bags. The guy working the counter was far too good-looking for his own good. That's another thing I like about this country: eye-candy, well-dressed eye-candy, everywhere you look! We got into Frankfurt (Oder) around 8.30 and family meeting commenced. I can't tell you what the drive was like, I fell asleep. We watched European MTV, drank German Coca-Cola and ate pizza. We were also informed that we are going to Berlin Saturday in order to attend the LOVE PARADE!! Hooray hooray! Nothing really has been planned for today thus far except shopping and perhaps going to a bar this evening. That's it for now I suppose.

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