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Germany, Part 2: Cloving And Clubbing

Last night we went to a German party. They took an old store and draped it with black sheets and decorated it with sunflowers and mannequin parts. The way they set it up reminded me a lot of a rave, but they barely played any techno and everyone was dressed like they were going clubbing. There was a bar (needless to say) and lots of people. They were giving out Chupa Chups at the foor and it finally hit me and Jessica that we were in Germany. I wore a sweater that I bought here and my red corduroys. We went to the mall too and I bought a really cute maroon corduroy skirt for 9.90 and a long black Rasputina style skirt that is supposedly a very trendy item to own.

For the first half an hour we were there, Jessica and I just sat near the front and people- watched to see who was coming in. Then Uli (a cute, plucky blonde girl that we met here) came up and shoved a Smirnoff Ice in our faces and said, "What are you doing? Why are you so boring? You're in Germany! You see this? This is Smirnoff. It's.. wodka... and it''s.. GREAT! (She was kinda sloshed and apparently unable to remember the other ingredients) So drink some of this! Lenny Kravitz is on! Make party!" And then she scamepered off to dance. After a bit, Jessica and I got up and tried to dance, but to no avail. So we found Tanja who helped us acquire two Smirnoff Ices. That loosened me up a bit because I have a very, very low tolerance. So we started dancing and that's when things kicked into high gear. They played Vanilla Ice (word to your mother! If only Christina Reyes had been with me!) and Tequila, and Paint It Black. I started screaming when that came on. It reminded me of Stir Of Echoes. After we got too sweaty or too hot, Jessica and I would go outside, and that is where I indulged in my first clove of the trip. The Uli came out and explained that she was very drunk (it's great!) and she wanted her man from Berlin to come down (he's looking great) because she needed someone to fuck (because it would be great!). She likes the word great a lot. She saw what I was smoking and asked me if it was a cigarillo. I said, no, it was a clove, and there was sugar on the filter. She tried it and said, "Ooh, this is great!"

Then she pause, lowered her voice, and said, "Can I take this?" I told her sure, and she looked at me wide-eyed and said, "Really? You're nice!" Then again, she scampered off to dance. Thus began my sharing of cloves (They don't sell them around here) with the party-goers.

I let this big shaggy guy take a drag off mine and he said, "It stinks, and it fucks you up!" Then he asked us what we were doing in Germany and I looked at him with a big dopey grin on my face and said, "Ja, Es ist sehr gut!" Ha. Everyone who I let taste them besides the shaggy guy found them delightful and that made me very happy and very proud. I may be fat and ugly, but I have the good cigarettes.

At the end of the night, as the party wound down, Jessica and I went crazy. Some guy gave me a sunflower and I told him I loved him. Then I started telling everyone I saw that I loved them and that "meine Mutter was aus dem Fenster mit G.W. Jr.". This really fucking adorable guy called Paul who loves the Red Hot Chili Peppers and totally attacked my clove thought we were 'quite cool' and gave us hugs whenever we wished. He looked a lot like Aaron Hayes used to before he cut all his hair off, and his glasses looked a lot like the ones that Harry Potter wears. Tanja got very frustrated with us because we kept mindlessly chattering with people and watching boys play like they were having butt cheek sex, and we wouldn't get in the car. After a while and a few far-too-drawn-out goodbyes, we headed home and off to sleep just as the sun started to rise.

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