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Ye Olde Lord

Last night I bought some Mott's applesauce and then when I came home I made Lindsay say, "MOTT'S" in really big typing because that's one of the most fun words ever. I missed my Vellux blanket too because it was in the washer and it is very warm. "Warmth without the weight" they say. I saw a lavender one at Mervyn's and I want it even though I don't really like lavender. Vellux makes it good. I thought I had more to say, I was gonna write that Todd Colby poem but everyone is too pissed off at me. Somebody called me at 9.45 and didn't leave a message and they had an unlisted number and that pisses me off. It's like... I have a goddamn answering machine. I mean seriously, caller ID isn't that powerful, I can't call people back unless they leave a message. Come on people! That's Hillary Swank on my machine! She's an Academy Award winning actress, but you still don't leave messages. I think that I deserve at least one message! Hillary Swank! Oh well, Space Ghost is on tonight, I hope it's a good one.

And what's up with all these people that are all pissed off and serious all the time. I mean, if you're gonna be pissed off and serious you have to at least be sarcastic in order to ensure that you're not totally miserable. My only condolence is that tomorrow I'm getting some free pens. I like pens a lot and as of right now I only have 12 of them to my name.

I have to type a stupid essay. I wrote it, and it's double-spaced. I don't need to type it. Besides, my printer is all jacked. I think that I'm not going to type it, I'm just going to turn it in hand-written because at least I did it this time. God.

I found out that this guy named Michael who I don't know is gay, and for some reason it didn't make sense. Why do they call it applesauce? I mean it's not a sauce that you put on apples, it's this pulpy mush that is made from apples. I think they should call it mush and manufacture it in different flavours, just like baby food.

Depeche Mode has a new album out, and I heard one of the songs and it is really good and I want to buy the new album. Before that I was too scared to listen to them because I thought that they would find out that I was listening but that I didn't own any t-shirts or posters of theirs and that they would get mad because I wasn't really a fan I was just someone who kind of liked them. That would piss anyone off. Just like having an unlisted number and not leaving a message. GOD!
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