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Germany, Part 4: Drinking As A Family Affair

There were indeed fireworks last night, and they were so pretty! Lots of purple and sparling and crackling ones! We had dinner at Tanja's aunt's bungalow which is located along the Helene See's shore. Barbecue and stuff. They have the best garlic bread here.

We played a few games of darts with Tanja's dad and her aunt's boyfriend who, Tanja informed us, no one in the family likes. He was drunk as hell and being kind of an ass, and hitting on Jessica and myself as though the world were ending. I actually won a game, and was only able to do so because my game greatly improved with inebriation. I had a shot of this stuff that tasted like black licorice that is supposed to settle your stomach and two Smirnoff Ices. Goddamn, I'm so fucking hardcore.

Everyone was sort of tipsy and there was a lot of laughter. Tanja's family is very funny when they are drunk. Everyone was passing around the baby, a product of Tanja's cousin and his adorable cosmetologist girlfriend, and passing around cigarettes. Musical babies and musical tobacco, all being passed just to see who enjoyed what.

Family life is very different here. They are much closer, however, Pierre was still shocked when I pulled out my cloves, and for that I feel bad. Oh well. Even though there is a lot of physical activity here (you have to ascend five flights of stairs in order to enter Tanja's apartment) we aren't losing any weight because the food is so rich and decadent. And they have the best water here! Sparkling water is the standard, and you have to get regular water special. And NOTHING is free here. America is a lot better about giving you free stuff. Oh well. Things here are run on a different track. Pretty and different. Jessica smokes! Hooray!

Tanja's parents share booze and cigarettes with us and we all play darts together and listen to Ja Rule and have nothing to hide.

On the way back to the car, Pierre was carrying a beer bottle and, since he'd been drinking, accidentally hit another car with it, and Tanja yelled at him in German. Jessica and I, of course, were rolling with laughter. Earlier in the evening, we got him to say, "It puts the lotion in the basket" (a phrase that Tanja had grown to hate with our incessant repetition of it) and he proclaimed that he was an actor. He loves the word "absolutely", and Tanja gets SO mad at him for using it so often. It's really sweet and funny the way they interact. Tanja takes care of everyone and it's really nice. She won't ever let us carry the basket, and as long as I'm here, I don't think I'll drop mine.

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