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If I Only Had A Brain ... And A Web Cam.

Today is the day I am doing my haircolour. Orange with pink streaks. I bought yellow to do orange with pink and yellow streaks but in a tragic bleaching accident, was not able to get my hair light enough to put the yellow on. Alas, I shall only have two colours, and then when my roots grow I'll have three. Hooray.

I'm thinking about giving up on the concept of hair, having hair, having coloured hair. All that stuff. If I was bald I could just draw on my shiny baldness and create a new art form. I wonder how stretchy my scalp is. I bet it's like elastic.

Space Ghost is on tonight. I'll be able to get an episode that I don't already have and that will be spectacular. Maybe after I am done with my damn hair I can go to a house with a web cam and capture it. I never get pictures of my hair until it's three weeks faded and looks like a pile of garbage.

I need chapstick.
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