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Germany, Part 5: Foreign Exchange

Well, we attended the party for the foreign exchange students. The party was good, fun, however upsetting as I met a boy who was very beautiful (my eyes found him straight away when we arrived, it was his eyes) and very 19 years old, but deeply in lust with a very 15 year old girl who allegedly wants nothing more than to be cool with the older crowd. Which is why she's dating older. Makes tons of sense to me.

But you see? Already I am being dwarfed by girls younger than myself. I thought this wasn't supposed to start until my thirties, but if he wants to rob the cradle he can go right ahead. Welcome to jail.

I called Stefan to console me after the party. Rejection makes me so lonely, and the question of whether or not I was vying for the attention is of no importance. I hate being rejected.

Anyway, everyone was drinking all night and Jessica was flirting like crazy. I was sitting off in the background watching everyone do their things and I kept hearing German-accented voices asking me if I was alright, telling me I looked sad and tired.

Drink more. Do whatever you have to. Pass out. Just leave me alone.

Jessica wagged her tongue at me and a particularly cute drunk girl asked us if we were having 'an erotic girl moment'. That triggered a ton of laughter on everyone's part and we partied until midnight.

Unfortunately, I didn't turn back into a head of cabbage.

Today we also went to Berlin where I got some shopping done and took lots of pictures.

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