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I am very happy and very dyed! Yellow bangs, orange hair with hot pink streaks. Street cone orange. I love it! I feel complete. I feel rejuvenated. I feel like going to the store and buying baby carrots, Color Vive and an eyebrow pencil. I get so happy when I dye my hair. I should do it more often. Now... who can I find that has a webcam and would let me abuse it in order to show everyone my new me? I'm not sure. The new season of Sex and the City starts tonight and I am sooo watching it. That and Space Ghost. I better hop to it. I think I'm going to wear all black tomorrow to accentuate my new colour... make it more noticeable. During prom I had blood red hair, but it was so dark that I got mad and thought it looked natural. I thought purple looked natural too, because it wasn't knock-your-eyeballs-out bright. I guess I'm used to glowing in the blacklight hair-wise.

I'm just so excited. I love having bright hair. It's like getting a letter in the mail (and I don't mean e-mail)... it's like receiving something you ordered off e-bay and finding it to be in way better condition than you thought, it's like staring at Angela Featherstone.

Life is good.
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